Whirlpool® Charcoal Pre-Filters (Extra Large) 8171510K (4 Pack)

  • Carbon-based filter
  • Pre-cleans the air
  • Filters out larger particles
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The Whirlpool® Charcoal Pre-Filters 8171510K pre-clean the air, helping to reduce odors as it filters out larger particles, extending the life of your HEPA filter.

Package contains 4 filters — one full year’s supply.

Fits Whirlpool® Whispure™ Air Purifier Models WP1000 and WPPRO2000.

*Replacement schedule may vary depending on indoor air quality

Additional information


Extra Large Active Carbon Pre-filter

Fit for model

WPPRO2000 series WP1000 series

Product Size

17.87” x 17.68” x 0.12”

Gross Wt

6.92 lbs

Net Wt


  • Removes common household odors including smoke, cooking odors and pet odors
  • Freshens the air and helps the HEPA filter last longer
  • Pre-filter lasts 3 months
  • Package contains 4 filters – one full year’s supply
  • Fits models: WP1000, WPPRO2000


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